Refresher Course

The Fragrance Foundation UK Refresher Course

Since the launch in 2015 of The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training Programme, 1000’s of consultants have successfully passed the course and are already proudly wearing The Fragrance Specialist badge.

Many of these consultants have subsequently expressed an interest in revisiting the course - in order to brush up on their fragrance knowledge, revise the detailed information and reference fragrances within the course, and also to take advantage of the new scented training cards which enhance learning about ingredients and facets.

We are therefore delighted to introduce the Refresher Course. Delegates who have previously studied the full course will have their accounts reactivated for one month so that they have access to all the course material. They will also be sent a pack of the new scented training cards to accompany their revision.

This course is only available to those who have already been enrolled on the The Fragrance Foundation UK Online Training Programme

£50 +VAT for Members of The Fragrance Foundation UK and £100+ VAT for Non Members.

For more information please email