Midday Masterclass with Delphic HSE

Midday Masterclass with Delphic HSE

The webinars “Midday Masterclasses” will educate, inform and inspire members. Highly practical as well as thought provoking , the masterclasses will aim to guide the industry through the pandemic and into happier days in the future. 

The Masterclass on Tuesday 9th February will be hosted by Jay Ingram​, Senior Toxicologist for Delphic HSE.

Today more than ever, consumers have high expectations for the cosmetic products they buy and use. Social Responsibility, Authenticity, and Trust are becoming big factors influencing buying habits and an important component of these factors is safety and regulatory compliance. Within the EU & UK there are regulatory frameworks in place to help businesses provide safe products to their consumers. Brands that focus on safety and compliance will be able to engender trust with both their consumers and regulatory authorities. Delphic HSE is a global provider of safety and regulatory compliance services and has been helping clients bring products to market for more than 10 years. Using our experience we will guide the audience through the key aspects of bringing safe and compliant products to market in both the EU and UK.

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