The Academy

Whilst many excellent training courses already exist for Beauty Consultants and Store Managers (ie. COPRA, LCBT and CFSS), the objective of this Academy was to increase knowledge for anyone working within the fragrance industry – whatever the department - with a concise, yet detailed, programme designed to improve standards throughout our industry. 

This 4-part course is designed to cover all aspects of the industry. Keep reading to find out more...

The Fundamentals of Fragrance with Roja Dove

These courses looks at every aspect of perfumery and offers practical, unbiased, jargon-free information to attendees, which can easily be used in all areas of fragrance sales. The courses have been described as "A brilliant, insightful & enjoyable session" and another attendee said 'I would love to do the course again - I am terrified of forgetting everything that I have learnt!'

The attendees are taken on a wonderful journey into the fascinating world of fragrance; from the cultural & historical revolution of fragrance, to raw materials & methods of extraction and are lucky enough to experience some of the most wonderful rare materials and bottles in existence.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training last week. Thanks for all your efforts and the rest of the team. I will highly recommend the course to my colleagues!"

Dates for 2017...

The Fundamentals of Fragrance with Roja Dove - 15th November 

The Fundamentals of Fragrance with Roja Dove Part 2 - 16th November

Cost: £195 + VAT, £315 + VAT for Non-members 

Dates for 2018...

The Fundamentals of Fragrance Parts 1& 2 - 11th & 12th April

The Fundamentals of Fragrance Parts 1& 2 - 6th & 7th June

The Fundamentals of Fragrance Parts 1& 2 - 17th & 18th October


Behind the Scenes in Fragrance

A behind the scenes look into the world of fragrance and how they are created. Gain exclusive access to influential presenters to help you consider how to approach your next successful launch, and gain a deeper understanding as to how the industry works.

With Presentations from…


Setting the scene of the present day fragrance industry and the state of the market.

International Flavours & Fragrances

How does the fragrance house work, the importance of a good brief & the communication of the fragrance idea


Fragrance Evaluation: how it works, importance of the role and challenges faced. Interactive session with the opportunity to sample raw materials.


What is IFRA and what is its purpose within the fragrance industry? What difficulties do brands face in today’s market?

JACK Perfume,Ormonde Jayne & Shay & Blue

How to create a successful brand from conception to market.


Dates for 2018 coming soon....

Timings: 9.30-1.00pm

Cost: £95 + VAT for Members (Non-Members £150 + VAT)

For more information on the courses, please contact Maddi

How To Sell It!

Ensure the success of your next launch in today’s challenging market

Throughout the day, a cross section of experts ranging from sampling, advertising, packaging, marketing, PR and POS will give short presentations about their expertise, top ten hits and practical guides. You will have the opportunity to interact with all presenters.  Gain detailed insight into how to sell fragrance with a selection of presentations from across the industry to give you new creative ideas when approaching your next launch.

The course has been designed to be as engaging as possible and to encourage interactions between the speakers and the attendees. The course is designed to cover all the elements involved in marketing a fragrance and the complexities involved.

With presentations from...

NPD, Google, Wrapology, Sheridan & Co, Arcade Beauty, Dew Gibbons, Arcadia, Debenhams, Talk PR, Tom Ford Beauty, YSL Beauté, Tribe Marketing, Harrods, House of Fraser, Superdrug

Dates for 2018 coming soon

Cost: £195 + VAT, £315 + VAT for Non-members 

For more information on the courses, please contact Maddi