Partnership with First News

Partnership with First News
Our thanks go to First News for supporting our Marty the Mighty Nose Initiative.

First News is the only weekly newspaper for 7-14 year olds. Our printable reading activities and digital reading tool, iHub, accompany the paper and are updated weekly to provide differentiated activities for Key Stages 2-3. 

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At Key Stage 2 of the primary National Curriculum, your students are developing their reasoning and persuasive skills, as well as an openness and curiosity about the world. The Marty the Mighty Nose competition, organised by The Fragrance Foundation, will play to these unique and new found strengths whilst also helping to pen communications between students as well as teachers.

Use Marty the Mighty Nose, the smell-finder-in-chief of a faraway jungle tribe, to get your pupils to use their sense of smell as inspiration to develop pupils’ descriptive vocabulary and imaginative writing.

Can they impress the judges with a poem about the smells of the summer holidays? The aromas of Ancient Egypt? Or how about the whiffy pongs you might find in Tudor England?

The competition is a great opportunity for your students to be unself-conscious, let their imaginations run wild and let their curiosity get the better of them!

Click here for more details on how to enter this years competition.


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