Jasmine Training with Richard Hawkins 12th July

Jasmine Training with Richard Hawkins 12th July

We were honoured to be with the fabulous Richard Hawkins, Director of Education & Development for Guerlain yesterday. Richard has over 25 years of experience in the fragrance and cosmetic industry, having worked for some of the most aspirational beauty and fragrance houses. Richard is recognised as 'Connoisseur de Parfum' one of only a handful of highly specialised fragrance experts that exist in the world.

The training offered a detailed fragrance ingredient and oil discovery, explaining in detail facets of fragrances, comparing different intepretations and varieties of ingredients and the difference the variety can make to a scent.

What did the delegates think?

"Smelling so many ingredients with Richard's fantastic teaching- Very inspiring!"

"I wanted to listen all day!"

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