Alexis Vaganay

General Manager, COTY Luxury, UK&I

Alexis Vaganay

Alexis grew up in Morocco his entire childhood, a country where scents play a central role in your everyday life: from roses to spices, your senses are solicited at literally every corner of the city. He moved to France, his home country, for High School and studies.

Once graduated, he joined the French Navy for almost two years as an officer which gave him the opportunity to literally travel the world and discover the delighting scents of the most remote places of the planet.

He then worked for Unilever, Bic and lived in Paris, Milan and New York before joining Coty as General Manager here in the UK in 2016.

Why are you involved with The Fragrance Foundation UK?

I feel inspired by The Fragrance Foundation UK, an organization that recognizes the importance of Perfume in our everyday life and is eager to voice the importance of the Fragrance Category in the UK economy. I feel personally incredibly privileged to work for this industry and would like to give back as much as I can.

Why do you love Fragrance?

I started my career as Brand Manager of the Faberge brand which was the first Fougere ever created, once a beacon of our industry. This is how I got into the magical world of fragrance. I then worked for several FMCG categories which were more commodities. As you can imagine, I really appreciate going back to the cheerful and inspiring world of Perfume!

What is your Scent Memory?

I’m more drawn to woody spicy scent as it really makes me feel confident and empowered, probably because my dad was wearing such perfumes himself.  Even before joining Coty, I am already a huge fan of BOSS Bottled.  I remember buying my first BOSS Bottled after a business trip in the late Noughties and was immediately hooked.  BOSS Bottled reminded me on my first day at Coty as it was my go to scent to start a new chapter in my career life. In this past year at Coty, I have made many more Scent Memories: my last emotion was with Parco Palladiano V from Bottega Veneta.