The Fragrance Foundation Academy: Behind the Scenes in Fragrance

The Fragrance Foundation Academy: Behind the Scenes in Fragrance

The Fragrance Foundation Academy Training: Behind the Scenes in Fragrance

On Thursday 14th September 2017 we hosted The Fragrance Foundation Academy Training: Behind the Scenes in Fragrance. This training morning offers a behind the scenes look into the world of fragrance and how they are created, with exclusive access to influential presenters to help you consider how to approach your next successful launch, and gain a deeper understanding as to how the industry works.

The session started with a presentation from Helen Duxbury, Senior Account Manager on Beauty at The NPD Group. The purpose of this session was to set the scene of the fragrance industry and the state of the market today. This gave attendees greater inisght into the challenges they face when launching their new fragrances.

"I absolutely loved the insights at the start which did a great job of updating and setting the scene." 

Catherine Mitchell, Business Development Manager from IFF, hosted a session on how fragrances houses work, with an indepth look at the importance of a good brief & the communication of the fragrance idea. We looked at the communication of Pricing, Timings, Feedback, Regulatory Requirements, Stability Testing, Selection Procedure with regular interaction from all our delegates. 

"Catherine was excellent, informative and fun"

Heidi Envis, Marketing, Evaluation & Laboratories Manager at Robertet (UK) Ltd, presented on the process of evaluation: how it works, the importance of the role and the challenges they face. Delegates even got to take on the role of an evaluator!

"I enjoyed being able to join the dots and further understand the perfumery world"

Linda Key Jackson, CEO of The Fragrance Foundation, presented on behalf of IFRA to help delegates understand the role they play in the launch of a fragrance. We looked at their purpose of IFRA and the difficulties brands face in today's market. 

Our training finished with presentations from 2 fragrance creators: Richard E. Grant (Jack Perfume) & Linda Pilkington (Ormonde Jayne). These are two individuals who have realised their fragrant dreams, overcome all the challenges discussed in the training, and succesfully launched within the UK. It was fascinating to hear their stores, understand how they work and what inspires their creativity. 

"Linda and Richard were fab and it was wonderful to hear their success stories."

"Richard & Linda were the highlight of my day – their stories are truly fascinating."
"The enthusiasm of Richard and Linda is infectious."

Our thanks go to all our presenters for their engaging and information presentations, and to Puig for hosting us. For more information on our training sessions click here.

"I can't imagine getting more out of half a day!"

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