National Fragrance Week 2018

National Fragrance Week 2018

National Fragrance Week

5 - 11th March 2018

A week long celebration in the run up to Mother's Day.

Join us again in 2018 in celebrating the wonderful world of fragrance. Now in our third year of leading the support, we are thrilled to be launching a new week-long approach!

So... Why are we celebrating?

  • Drive consumers into stores - create excitement around fragrance
  • Promote the importance of the sense of smell and the art of perfumery
  • Encourage consumers to create their own 'Wardrobe of Scents'.
  • Raise the profile and reputation of the fragrance industry

This year, join us in promoting a National Week of appreciation for our industry. The options are endless and The Fragrance Foundation want to provide you with as much support as possible.

Key Messages:

Appreciate the Power of Smell
Science of smell is amazing –it goes through the limbic system; the most ancient and primitive part of the brain, which is thought to be the seat of emotion. Our reaction to scent is immediate and focuses on the emotional rather than the rational. This is particularly important in the run up to Mother’s Day
There is a complex psychology to smell & how it makes us feel – it can have an impact on our wellbeing & our mood
See how fragrance affects hundreds of people at #ScentMemories

Celebrate the Joy of Fragrance
Celebrate the complexity of how fragrance is made; the enormous craft and skill
Perfumers: they are highly trained and blend the arts and the sciences
Fragrance is made up of extraordinary notes and ingredients – from the traditional to the exotic
Fragrance plays an important role in our lives- and brings huge benefits & pleasures
Encourage consumers to build a 'Wardrobe of Fragrance': Fragrance is not just for a quick spritz now and again – we should build up a personal library and use it in many different ways – including in our homes.
Fragrance as a means of personal expression

Inspire Consumers through National Fragrance Day
A perfect time for giving and sharing fragrance - particularly in the run up to Mother's Day
We are supporting this with extensive online education and engagement
There will be extensive Instore activity – immersion, education, special offers 

What happened last year?

Feeling inspired? Here's some ideas to get you thinking for 2018...


Our Scent Memories website is building an online community to share #ScentMemories. The site gives brands and retailers the opportunity to engage with customers and advise on how to make the most of fragrances, discover new products for different occasions and start creating their scent wardrobe, as well as discovering the power of the sense of smell. It's a new way to engage with your consumers and get them thinking about the scents that mean the most to them.


Which types of smells do you gravitate towards and what does that say about you. There is an opportunity for you to host personalised fragrance consultations to find your customers perfect match in store, and to create fun story angles involving influencers or celebrities to find their fragrance fingerprint.


You could use influential figureheads or brand ambassadors to talk about their Scent Playlist. There is a good link here to #ScentMemories. Encourage consumers to talk about your fragrances in a way that represents part of their life.


In an increasingly busy world, the importance of wellbeing has never been more prevalent. Let’s be talking to consumers about home fragrances, and fragrances in general, and how it can positively affect your mood.


National Fragrance Week is an opportunity to celebrate the people at its heart. We must bring them to the forefront of consumers’ minds through in-store events or incentives. It is also an opportunity to have Inspiring business leaders talk about the industry and its contribution to the economy, the growth of personalisation. The opportunities here are endless...


Ideas for in-store could be bring in your old and out of date fragrances and offer a free consultancy on what would suit you today

Get in touch to let us know how we can help support and promote your plans!

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