Hot off the Press 2018

Hot off the Press 2018

Hot off the Press 2018

On Tuesday 6th February we were thrilled to host our first event of 2018; Hot off the Press - a Fragrance Foundation Breakfast Briefing providing insight into trends and opportunities within the Fragrance Market, covering sales, press & online marketing.

This annual event was hosted at The Ham Yard Hotel, where guests arrived to enjoy pastries and refreshment before moving through to the cinema to listen to our esteemed presenters.

Over 140 industry guests were in attendance this year, and we increased the offering to 6 presentations and we are thrilled to share some key messages with you…


Fragrance was up +3% in 2017

Classic & Innovation drive sales (new launches were +10% and classics +2%)

53.8% fragrance sales October-December

Consumers spend £1.3bn on Fragrance (and this is increasing!)

Unit decline is concerning– need to connect with younger consumers


My Market Insight

The Scented Letter delivered most print fragrance mentions

Glamour delivered most online fragrance mentions

4x Jasmine Award Winner The Candy Perfume Boy was no.1 influence

There are now 5,371 fragrance products on the market (+6% from 2016)

Jo Malone London Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense was no.1 fragrance product for PR Mentions

The was also the no.1 online title for fragrance PR mentions in 2016



Consumer trust:

83% recommendations from peers

66% consumer opinions posted online

66% editorial content e.g. newspaper articles

70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTube creators more than to traditional celebrities

48% 13-24-year olds who would try a brand based on the recommendation of a Hollywood Star

63% 13-24-year olds who would try a brand based on the recommendation of a YouTube star



Those who are ‘fully connected’ emotionally with a brand are 52% more valuable to brands than customers who are ‘highly satisfied’.

65% of under 35s agree that since the rise of fake news, they find themselves relying more on established national newspaper brands

Engagement (personal relevance) is 50% higher on premium sites than during general free browsing

Campaigns using newsbrands are 43% more like to deliver market share growth

Newsbrands make online video 50% more effective

Newsbrands make TV 54% more effective

Newsbrands make online display 24% more effective

Newsbrands make social media twice as effective


Imogen Matthews

There were 2,221 new fragrances globally in 2017

1,124 of these were unisex

92% of UK female fragrance users like to smell fragrance on themselves throughout the day



1 in 4 fragrance searches are related to online perfume shops.

Missguided perfume launch shows and emerging shift from celebrity scents to lifestyle tribes in fragrance.

Christmas – 6/10 UK fragrance searches were related to specific brands.

There were 2 million fragrance searches on Christmas day! 8 in 10 of these were on mobile.

+ 15% YoY growth of mobile fragrance searches (December).

For every 1 second increase in page load – 20% of visitors abandon

Our thanks go to The Ham Yard Hotel, our guests and particularly our presenters who generously provided their expertise. See photos from the event here!

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