Circle of Champions 2017: Roja Dove

Circle of Champions 2017: Roja Dove

The Circle of Champions is a special initiative set up by The Fragrance Foundation and voted for by The Board of Directors to pay tribute to those individuals who have made a notable and newsworthy contribution to the fragrance industry. The Fragrance Foundation honoured Master Perfumer Roja Dove with this accolade at the annual Fragrance Foundation Awards.

Roja’s interest in fragrance was sparked at an early age when his mother kissed him goodnight; as she lowered her head to kiss him, he was aware that her fragrance lingered in his room long after she had gone, keeping the image of her cocktail dress and the kiss alive. This interest developed whilst Roja grew up, as a teenager he spent his money purchasing small bottles of scent and was impressed that the tiny containers could contain such an overwhelming effect.

Roja is never too busy to share his knowledge and passion for fragrance, he has helped many people with their careers through his expert knowledge and shares freely and unquestionably to anyone that wants to know more about fragrance.

In 2010 Roja curated an exhibition at Harrods ‘The Perfume Diaries’ the largest and most important exhibition to have ever taken place. Roja showcased many rare items from his private collection allowing many thousands of people to experience the treasure and secrets of perfumery. For this The Fragrance Foundation awarded Roja a Special Commendation Award. Roja’s work with The Fragrance Foundation has continued over many years. The Academy a two-day training course created and hosted by Roja, is now run 3 times a year due to its popularity next came complimentary training days for journalist whose difficult task it is to translate the complex art of perfumery into words and pictures… not anymore with Roja’s insight and knowledge he has inspired and has supported so many with their writing. In 2012, The Fragrance Foundation asked Roja to help create an on-line training course so that globally we could educate, inspire and support people in their careers. There is no other course of its kind and has been taken up by many people across the globe.

Roja is now on the Board of Directors of The Fragrance Foundation where he is currently helping to lead a project to raise the reputation of the fragrance industry with the Government, by defining and valuing the sector, and getting it included in the creative industries. He is also an Ambassador for The GREAT Britain campaign.

"Roja is the ultimate fragrance expert, perfumer and historian and utterly deserving of this award.‎ His insight, knowledge and infectious passion are exemplary. It's been an absolute pleasure to enjoy many wonderful professional and personal highlights with him over many years, and I truly hope there are many more to come! I couldn't be more thrilled that he is receiving the recognition he so thoroughly deserves"

- Annalise Fard, Chairman of The Fragrance foundation and Director of Home & Beauty Harrods

“I have known Roja for over 20 years. For me our first meeting was mind blowing, and whilst I had always worked in the beauty industry my passion for fragrance started the moment I met Roja, his knowledge, inspiration and dedication to the fragrance industry was like no other, almost magical, I was transfixed to his every word, I knew then that I wanted to learn more and have Roja forever in my life. Since our first meeting, both our professional and personal relationship has grown, I have been lucky enough to learn from a master, and develop a friendship of a lifetime. A truly deserving winner”

- Linda Key Jackson, CEO The Fragrance Foundation 

"Roja Dove is quite obviously a genius, one of the most influential and respected people in the world of perfumery and the rock star of his industry. I came across Roja on a course for the Fragrance Foundation that he was hosting, and immediately became one of his disciples! His generosity to share his passion is remarkable. He is known as the man who will never say no if asked for advice.  He is also one of the kindest most generous men I have ever met - offering his services for charity at a moment’s notice”

 - Natasha Kaplinsky, Newsreader for ITV News

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