An evening with... Christine Nagel

An evening with... Christine Nagel

Tuesday 14th November 2017

An evening with... Christine Nagel

On Tuesday 14th November 2017, we were honoured to host ‘An evening with… Christine Nagel’, Hermès’ very own In-House Perfumer, interviewed by the Chairman of The Fragrance Foundation Annalise Fard (Director of Home & Beauty at Harrods) at The Soho Hotel.

Christine has achieved great successes, with many landmark creations such as Narcisso Rodriguez for Her, Miss Dior Chérie, Si Giorgio Armani and many Jo Malone fragrances. She joined Hermès Parfums in 2014 as exclusive Perfumer Creator. In 2016, Christine signed her first fragrance for Hermès: Eau de rhubarbe écarlate. The perfumer quickly went on to pay homage to Hermès femininity with Galop d’Hermès. A rare fragrance, it expresses her view of the woman she perceives to be profoundly free and uncompromising. Next, Christine turned her attention to Eau des Merveilles Bleue, to infuse it with childhood reminiscence. Today, with Twilly d’Hermès, Christine reveals another aspect of Hermès femininity. Inspired by the young women of today who subvert everything so freely.

Christine’s desire to join the world of perfumery was prompted by the emotion she saw in the perfumers she worked with following her Chemistry degree. However, as she is a woman, not from Grasse, not from a family of perfumers AND had studied Chemistry…. She had a number of barriers to overcome! But she had a dream, and was determined to make this come true, and she discovered her own path to becoming a perfumer. In her own words, she has ‘The best job in the world!’.

As a child, Christine wanted to be a midwife. Luckily for the world of perfumery she was lead on a different path! As Annalise pointed out, she now ‘gives birth’ to fragrances instead! Christine revealed that she is always inspired by different perfumes. Bois des Illes from Chanel, Féminité Du Bois from Serge Lutens and Bvlgari Black were noted as a few of her key inspirations.

There are less than five hundred perfumers in the world, meaning there are less perfumers than there are Astronauts! Out of these five hundred, only six are in-house perfumers. For Christine, Hermès is the perfect match. When she was asked to join back in 2016, she said on the outside she remained calm, but a Tsunami of excitement was raging within!

For Christine, institutions such as The Fragrance Foundation are extremely important in supporting the industry – both in recognising the best of the best in the creation and design of perfume, and through promoting the industry and getting more people involved in the wonderful world of fragrance.

Our thanks go to Hermès for making this event possible, and to Flair Recruitment for supporting this event.

 “I like to create scents that are as different from one another as possible. I enjoy switching from a very pure, stylised structure to a more colorful, perhaps even carnal creation. But with a running theme, a guiding principle: the material.” – Christine Nagel

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